Zombie Defense: Castle Empire

パブリッシャー: Exeplay Games
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Get ready to defend your castle empire in this building of Zombie defence strategy game and fight against an army made of zombies. The goal is to survive the night and defend the Castle Empire.

#### Powerful Archer Player, advanced Zombie Castle Empire:
The Zombie Defense with the very Powerful Archer and equipped with excellent weapon defense from the zombies, each defense castle building has various function and explosive power to the player choose.

During the day you should make infrastructure and defense castle Empire from the zombies for the full night, and you need to fight all over the night!

Upgrade your weapons and unlock the dominant defense against the enemy within the game store. Your goal is to stop the zombies' invasion and protect your castle. Resist the attacks and defend your empire.

Start by the castle, the Great Hall and upgrade your player's abilities and facilities.
Build an Empire with strategic trading of stone age resources in the medieval era.
Build Fortress Empire and castles to defend your kingdom in zombie wars.
Enemies advancing towards your palace? Build alliances and resist zombie invasion.
Your castle must be able to defend itself from the zombie monsters. Defend it from various enemies and enjoy one of the best zombie attack games.

Zombie Defense Features:
• Upgrade your weapons
• Upgrade your buildings
• Unlock new weapons
• Fight with weapons
• Night fight with zombies
• Defend your empire
• Save castle from the zombies

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• Castle Empire

There is strategy and planning involved, resources are collected and empires are built in villages by constructing buildings, mining crystals, smelting weapons, building town halls, training soldiers, knights and archers.

This brand new army building strategy game will challenge you to be as fine a strategist as the greatest commanders that ever lived.

This game is freely available for download so that you can download it, and we appreciate it if you give us your feedback to improve or upgrade this game for you in the future.

Free zombie defence game developed by Exeplay.

xgen defend castle nibiru エンパイア ゾンビ防衛 キャッスル castles 守る 帝國カレイド defence 正義の味方の作り方 raise castle 守り

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