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This app acts as a reference book or guide in learning about the game Rainbow Six Siege.
The app has various sections that will help you learn about the game and make yourself better at playing the game. This is not a game by itself and is just a reference guide or book.

Various sections in the guide app for Rainbow Six Siege

Attackers - Learn about various Attackers and their weapon loadouts and how to use them effectively

Defenders - Learn about various Defenders and their weapon loadouts and how to use them effectively

Maps - Learn all Map blueprints and analyze them to improve your map knowledge in all Maps.

Gadgets - Learn how to use all primary and secondary gadgets of all operators. Learn how to use them effectively and how each gadgets combine with other gadgets and more.

Tips and Tricks - Learn how to use all Operators, their gadgets and how they work with each other. Learn how to counter all Attackers and Defenders and more.

Roulette - Learn about various fun ways to play the game. Use these fun rules to engage in games with friends like never before. Each rule will intensify your fun in gameplay.

Random Tips - This section of the app will provide you with random tips and tricks that will help you improve your general knowledge about the game and more.

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