Haunted Hills Moon Light Bats

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Haunted hills and lunar light bats.
The moon is full!
Haunted Halloween here, and is terrible.
Haunted desert graveyard.
Would you like to walk alone at the terrible graveyard?!

Halloween terrible the graveyard is deep in the wood invites you to visit.
Terrible ghosts welcome you at distance.
You go on the terrible desert graveyard.

Such travel causes quite strong emotions - not for weak nerves.
Now midnight, but air is filled with terrible spirit.
Huge black birds, perhaps, crows and bats have closed all sky
and to fly over a lonely grave with crosses on them.

Halloween has come and has introduced the mysterious spirit in each object around.
You have terrible a presentiment to see the witch on her broom at the next moment directly here.
You shiver and you turn.
There is no live soul around.

These sounds: from where they?
Do you, obviously, hear soft noiseless steps?
These are miracles which happen to you.

Bats fly across the moon and the night sky.
Cold sounds and devil music of Halloween add your most dark nightmare to this mood.
You are rather brave to deceive or treat around this graveyard?
Scary now?

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