Wild Race in Heavy Traffic

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Wild Race in Heavy Traffic is one of the best and amazing Animal Racing Simulator game for those people who love animals racing games, but this game is different from car racing games, in this wild animals simulator game your selected player will be animal, simply you have to select your player animal and then start racing with heavy traffic.
If you are crazy about wild animal racing game, then this Wild Race in Heavy Traffic game is best and real one for your desires. Run your animals on beautiful riding tracks environment and feel like a real race in real life.
This Wild Animals Racing 3D game have three environments like desert, city and jungle are included. This is an amazing and entertaining endless extreme animals racing simulator game. Get a racing experience through rush traffic race by this offline free game. Perform your driving and riding skills and secret abilities in this wild animals racing game. This animal racing 3D simulation game provides you stunning graphics and realistic environments. This roadway animal racer game is different from the other boring type car driving games.
Traffic animal racing game is a new extreme animal driving game for you. This unique animal racing game is the best game, so get ready to feel the super fun of simulating pet and wild animals. Using nitro boost to cross the speed limit and drifting around the sharp turns. These types of rider games require racing and drifting skills. When you hit the accelerator, brake and slide to move then you should feel very smooth control experience. This wild animal racing simulator game is the most thrilling for racing lovers.
In this crazy wild animal racing battle game six animals are used as a racing player, where animals are trained for racing in heavy traffic, now it’s time to show your animals racing skills, race wild animals in heavy traffic is not so easy, because roads are full with heavy traffic, your main mission is to compete all traffic and get reward in this form of points, and these points are used to buy new animals, and show you are the fastest animal racing driver all over the world.
Enjoy endless arcade racing, drive through highway traffic, earn points and upgrade your wild racing animals. Get new animals, run your animal smooth and be fast to become the fastest animal rider and get fastest animals riding experience in heavy traffic drive zone. Drive smoothly to avoid accident on highway traffic.
Wild Race in Heavy Traffic Simulator game if you overtake very closely to other vehicles then you get reward in the form of points, these points are very useful to upgrade new racing wild animals, be careful during closely overtake, if you hit during race with traffic vehicles then you are not able to complete the mission, now it’s time to show your driving skills and prove that you’re the best rider of the world.
Play this one of the best wild animal race game. Let’s race animal, increase your speed and win the challenge. This game is going to test your skills. Show some extreme skills to run fast into the race in the crazy wild animal racing battle game.

Animal Players
**Dog Simulator
**Wolf Simulator
**Deer Simulator
**Zebra Simulator
**Hoarse Simulator
**Tiger Simulator
Game Play
You can play this Wild Race in Heavy Traffic game either using tilt control, race button to speed up and brake to stop the animal race.
---Three environments (City, Desert and Jungle).
---Different racing animals.
---Easy and smooth control.
---Great music on game play mode.
---HD Unique graphics
---Challenging and thrilling missions.

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