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HotShots is a video-on-demand service that provides premium digital entertainment. HotShots
showcases a wide array of original & exclusive short films, hot videos and hot photos - starring some
of the hottest models and celebrities from around the world.

With HotShots Digital you get exclusive high-definition quality entertainment. Effortlessly navigate
the HotShots Digital App for exclusive short films, videos, photos and much more that feature some
of the hottest beauties you’ve ever seen. Watch all the content in the language of your preference –
English or Hindi.

An exciting feature of the HotShots App are the regular Live Shows performed by some of the
hottest models in the world, where you get to chat and interact with models LIVE. HotShots also
hosts an annual beauty contest, where contestants from around the world participate to be crowned – Miss Hot Shot!

Watch some of our latest and exclusive short films starring some of the hottest models, directed by
acclaimed directors from around the world:

• Dhund
• A Night in LA
• Did it happen?
• The Getaway
• The Night in Mumbai
• Night Rituals

HotShots provides you with an all-in-one digital experience that covers:
• Original Short Films
• Hot Videos
• Hot Photos
• Live Shows
• Exclusive behind-the-scenes
• Beauty Contests
• Interviews and pictorials of the planet’s most beautiful women
• Health & Fitness Videos

Download our FREE app today for exclusive and original content from around the world!

Our Hot Features:

- Exclusive Content:
Watch a wide variety of exclusive content from around the world. Original films, hot videos and
international documentaries.

- Seamless Streaming:
High-definition videos and short films with an unmatched visual experience that can be streamed on
multiple devices.

- Behind the scenes:
Get exclusive behind the scenes content from photoshoots, short films and get first-hand experience
of the lifestyle of models and celebrities from around the world.

- Miss Hot Shot:
An annual beauty contest that spans the entire globe. Vote for your favourite model from around
the world and help her get crowned as Miss Hot Shot.

- Live Shows:
Interact with some of the hottest women on the planet - Chat with them LIVE on the HotShots App!



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