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Deleted Image Recovery App is super photo recovery tool that helps you Find and Recover deleted photos & images from your phone in a few seconds.

The App is very easy to use, simply open the deleted image recovery app and search for deleted images and photos, select deleted photos and restore them. The photo recovery will scan all photo storage and find deleted images.

It is efficient photo recovery app to help you find and restore lost any photos which are very important. Just one single click, All the deleted photos you selected will be restored to local folder.

Sometimes, we need to delete images and photos from our phone to release more space. Maybe you will delete some very important images, you need find a photo recovery app to restore them. At this time, the Deleted Image Recovery tool can help you!

- Scan your phone to find deleted images and photos
- Preview the deleted images
- Select and Restore deleted photos
- Check the restored photos
- Fast and Easy to use

Just Enjoy the free deleted image recovery app for android! you can recover most of deleted photos in just a few times. But sometimes, It will take some time to find your deleted images and photos, that depends on the memory size of your phone storage.
The Image Recovery app may show some photos even if they are not deleted yet. Just keep looking and you will find images you are looking for.

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