Stickman Police Chase Gangster Hero Prison Escape

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Be a legend stickman hero in city battle as an stickman fighting super hero. The battle starts against city mafia. The stickman hero unleash as evil stickman hero and fight on city roads in stickman games. Being a stickman hero, play and fight as a stickman police cops gangsters, drug dealers, mafia & stickman prisoners criminals. The stickman bad guys playing well so, show your superhero stickman fighting skills to them. stickman Hero Fighting with special powers to save the city from annihilation & crush & smash. Only you will be able to save the city and rescue civilians. Use your all strategy and fighting skills with fantastic power. Defend the common people and become a defender of the law. Smash and Crush everything comes in its path and become the stickman Hero in superhero games.

Make a full-fledged plan to fight crime as a stickman police hero with a revenge policy of the ny police stickman hero in prison escape games. You’ve to fight stickman police cops, before going on the city roads. Enjoy future stickman police fight against the street violence and robberies with jail escape. In stickman prison escape games, use big stickman mafia man as exceptional smashing power without weapon.

The evil force will now mess with stickman escape powers. In the stickman police games, Stickman Hero beast real fight prison escape mission is thrilling. Trained cops could not control them so the cop stickman hero raised up against their tyranny in prison escape games i.e., stickman hero & Superhero City Escape Games. Injustice and brutality end is here with the hands on the stickman crime city escape games.

Stickman Police Chase Gangster Hero Prison Escape Features:
Realistic superhero character
Multiple and challenging jail escape missions
Different & variable stickman prisoner & stickman police characters
Good graphics and environment
User-friendly controls and abundant action scenes

Download now and drop your suggestive feedback to add more indulging stickman fighting missions for better user experience.

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