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Are you ready to save your best moments with Camera Phone 11 Pro?
You are a fan of Phone 11 Camera (IOS 13 Camera)?
You are finding Selfie Camera for iPhone 12 for your android phone?
Wanna your phone like Phone 12 with IOS 13 Camera.
Camera for iPhone 11 – IOS 13 Camera is here for You!

❤️ Try the Best Camera for iPhone 11 and improve your selfie, or take a stunning panorama photo with iCamera – Selfie Camera for iPhone 11. Camera Phone 11 - iOS 13 Camera has several functions that provided the user with great and useful experiences.

Camera for iPhone 11 – IOS 13 Camera to help those who are fans of aple products, extremely wonderful application with friendly interface and easy to use. Even those who use the android operating system have never used the ios 13 operating system will be very happy when using Selfie Camera Phone 12 – iOS 13 Camera.
iCamera - Selfie Camera for iPhone 11 to make a better selfie, add filter camera hd to make it mode dramatic. Create a stunning Panorama photo by selecting panorama camera mode and never miss a beautiful landscape anymore. Unlike another selfie camera HD, iCamera iOS 13 is unique by design and worth to try, it possibly the best selfie camera app as a replacement for your default camera app.

All features including Camera iOS 13 - Selfie Camera for Phone 12 and Panorama Camera packaged into small size application which won’t occupied large amount of phone storage.

☆ Feature of iCamera IOS 13: Camera for iPhone 11: ☆
★ Selfie Camera:
iCamera: Selfie Camera for iPhone 12 are also providing a quick Portrait photo taking function. Camera phone XR will help you can easy take a beauty portrait photo

★ Panorama Camera HD
Selfie Camera for iPhone 11 can create a stunning panorama photo in high resolution with intelligent panorama camera mode

★ Dual Camera Support
Camera Phone 11 can recognize your dual camera lens, switch between your rear camera, front camera and wide angle lens easily

★ HDR Image Processing
Selfie HD Camera Take a better photo even at backlight with advance HDR image processing

★ Realtime Filter
Camera ios 13 use realtime filter on this beauty camera to make your photo more dramatic by context

★ Face Detection
Camera Phone 11 can detect your face using sophisticated image recognition

★ Simple and Clean UI
We design this beauty camera hd to be easy to use by any of you. Designed carefully by focusing on simple interface and smooth user experience, make it easy to use by any of you.

► And much more Highlight features of iCamera iOS 13 – Selfie Camera for iPhone 11
✓ Camera style iPhone 11
✓ Best camera for iphone
✓ iOS13 Camera has live AR stickers, mask stickers, seal and emoji stickers for you to take cool photos or videos
✓ iOS13 Camera support make up with skin tone, big eyes, face-lift
✓ iOS13 Camera contain 100+ cool filters
✓ iCamera Support 4K, Ultra HD camera
✓ Phone 12 Camera Support HDR mode, help you take better photos
✓ Powerful album manager for your photos, support tag photos as favorite, support video folder, etc
✓ Camera for iPhone 11Support move shutter button left or right to zoom in or out, very convenience to zoom to take photo
✓ Professional mode: ISO, white balance, scene modes, exposure compensation
✓ iOS13 Camera support using volume key to take selfie, very handy
✓ Camera for Phone XR
✓ icamera IP camera Setting filter camera for photo, video and more .

Download Camera IOS 13: Phone 11 Camera – Selfie Camera for iPhone 11 now and join the fun! More interesting functions will be coming soon!
Thank for using and rate 5 star to support us. ;)

- Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
- Camera for iPhone 11 – IOS 13 Camera is inspired by iPhone 11 camera, but it is not official iphone camera, we have no official relation with Apple, we built this camera with the hope to let Android users can experiment ios camera features; It use no ios icons, resources, all are redesigned.

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