Cube War

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A strategy game with innovative gameplay, 1v1v1.

Rubik's cube + dice, double strategy, double fun.

Cube War is an engrossing game mixing board gameplay and strategy mechanics with magic cube elements.

Your objective is to lead your tower to victory in the trihedral cube. You choose a hero, rotate the cube with strategy, fight or cooperate to crush others. Save your hero! Save your tower! Save the Cube World!

A fast pacing strategy game where you have to think fast! Choose your strategy and clash with your enemies in this exciting war game. Designed for casual competitive game lovers, but enhanced with a lot of strategy, Cube War is the strategy battle game you have looking for.

Collect more than 40 heroes to enrich your choice. Enjoy the powerful heroes with special abilities. Obtain the game props at random or designedly by converting space, turn cube to adjust combat environment. Fight in strategic battles to crush the other two players.

Enter the arena and clash with your opponents in epic battles for victory. Turn and attack to crush your enemies. On the battlefield, strategy is important,as well as luck.

The enemies are playing to attack your cube area. Plan your defense.Don’t let them destroy your Cube World!

✔Play with two players each game.
✔Collect more than 40 heroes to enjoy the special abilities!
✔New challenges for magic cube players!
✔Create Private Room and Invite Friends and Family
✔Play in 4 different battlegrounds.
✔It’s a multiplayer game, play with friends and compete in local and global leaderboards
✔Clash with your enemies and become the best player in the world
✔Addicting strategy gameplay with huge fun!
✔Free game: Play on your phone and tablet

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Have hours of fun playing Cube War!


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