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The publication of the English-Khmer and Khmer-English Dictionary of Economics and Social Terminology has been done in hard copy for many times and many years. To be fit with the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0, we need to re-do it in digital manner.

The online dictionary is very popular in the world today, more and more people have tendency to read on smart phone, Tablet, computer or other electronic devices. This is the latest version of the Dictionary prepared in App for the smart phone with iOS and Android. Readers can look up the Dictionary of Economics and Social Terminology online while they are at school, home and work. It is nicely designed which is fast and easy to use and to find words.

This is the very first digital dictionary of Economics and social dictionary in Cambodia. It is very important for all Cambodian people in knowledge and in daily life. Many Cambodian ask about this kind of soft technical word dictionary, there is a high demand for this digital dictionary. It is very needed in many level and sectors as such in Government Institutions, Business, Institutes, Universities, Academy etc.

In observation the latest edition of the English-Khmer and Khmer-English of Economics and Social Terminology Dictionary has been based on latest of the decision of the National Council of Khmer Language in Royal Academy of Cambodia.

For the charity and the interest of the Nation, we would like to dedicate this digital dictionary to the public to download freely, no charge and no commercial advertisement.

We would like to the invaluable work of the large team of people who have been involved in the dictionary edition at various stages, both before and after the dictionary was completed.

We also would like to be grateful to KhemaraSoft Group who has helped correct and design the dictionary as App for iOS and Android phones.

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