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Meet new friends - or even the love of your life. That is the concept of MOJO - a new type of dating app.

Online dating has for years been about fast swipes and endless browsing through hundreds of profile pages. Many are tired of high demands on profile texts and perfect photos.

At MOJO you can meet your match on common ground by playing a game, where you can easily develop good, fun relationships. Whether it turns into a friendship, a flirtation or even a date - we let you decide.

You can search for an opponent based on gender, age and distance. With chat function, friend list, 'likes' and daily match, you have a great opportunity to find other singles.

The first game on MOJO is a "board game" with words, where both luck and skill play a factor. You take turns placing words on the board, and get points partly on the value of the word, as well as which bonus tiles are subsequently flipped.

Fast approach - sign up with name and age but remember, that you need to be adult (18 years old) - so please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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