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Simple Navigation Bar app helps if you have failed and broken button or trouble using buttons or navigation bar panel is not working properly.

Essential and powerful navigation keys for smart phones are just a one swipe away.
Simple Navbar comes with easy to use Floating Navigation bar panel to replace soft keys such as back, home, recent and notification drawer.

You can also configure app shortcuts and other actions on they keys single press and long press events. Its smart navigation bar app works as assistive touch for android.

Key Features:
- Auto hide navigation bar.
- One swipe to access and hide.
- Single press actions for home, back, recent and notification keys.
- Long press actions for home, back, recent and notification keys.
- Change background color, icon color, icon size, panel size etc.
- Change navigation bar size, thickness and transparency
- Change position of Navigation bar.
- App shortcuts on single press and long press events.

Many more options you must try.

Simple and powerful navigation bar for your phone with fully customisable features to customise it as per your preferences.

Accessibility service permission to control back, home and recent navigation events.
Phone Dial permission for dial shortcut.
Contact permission for contact shortcut.
More permission may be needed as we will be continuing adding more custom actions with new updates.

Please email us at for any issue or bug you encounter while using our app. Your experience and feedback is very important for us.

If you like the app, please leave review on playstore.

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