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Live Map - Global Earth Navigation Travel Tools is a complete package in terms of
Global Maps, Navigation, Live Satellite Views, Street View, Directions, Weather and Travelling.Satellite world map one of the best live earth map 2020 apps on the play store, having the largest number of Earth Navigation features. You can book a ride, share location, virtually visit top tourist places with live street navigation and one of the unique concepts to explore the world by live cameras around the world. Get to know the traffic live updates, nearby places, weather details of the current location. Subway maps & road maps are very productive and useful while traveling to new places. Text detector, universal language translator, voice meter, barcode scanner and led flash are the essential trip gadgets.Live Map - Global Earth Navigation Travel Tools

GPS Maps & Navigation:

Now you can travel anywhere in the world with options of alternate map styles i.e live satellite map for 3D earth view, a road map for driving directions and terrain map with geographical place names. Plan the compute with your suitable map navigation options such as walking, cycling, hiking, car/bus, and transit route.

GPS Route Finder:

Live Map - Global Earth Navigation Travel Tools is an essential app for travelers and
adventurers and tourists. GPS navigation & maps, the direction is very helpful for searching thebest shortest route, finding alternate routes while traffic congestion. Gps Voice assistant guides about the route through turn by turn voice navigation so you can travel hassle-free.

360 Satellite Views:

Earth satellite views of the whole globe in terms of 3D highways, roads, live navigation through streets, and buildings 3d views from the earth satellite. Visit the landmarks, buildings, tourist destinations, enjoy satellite view & navigation in HD map with live street navigation on earth 3d.

Nearby Places Finder:

Gps Earth Navigation & Live Map 2020 lets you easily route to the neighboring places around me such as Airport, ATMs, Bakery, Banks, Beauty Salon, Bus Stop, Church, Clothes Coffee, Dentist, Doctor, Food Point, Fuel Pump, University, Shopping Mall, Police Station, etc.

Earth Live Cameras:

Live Map - Global Earth Navigation Travel Tools

Live earth satellite 2020 also offers real-time live webcams streaming is a fun feature to watch the HD live coverage of beaches, highways, marketplaces, etc. Live Map location, route navigation, street view, tube videos of camera locations are also given with each earth live cam stream.

Travel Gadgets:

Live Map - Global Earth Navigation Travel Tools has numerous essentials traveling tools such as a magnetic compass for direction detection, camera text detector, universal language translator that also supports voice to voice translation, LED light for night vision, sound meter for voice detection, scan the barcode of any product with Qr barcode scanner.

Live Traffic Updates & Alerts:

In order to avoid traffic jams and road congestion download “Live Map - Global Earth
Navigation Travel Tools” to avail best and accurate real-time traffic live updates and turn-by-turn route details in terms of colorful visible lines that let you choose the route having low traffic.

Features of “Live Map - Global Earth Navigation Travel Tools”:

● Updated Live Earth 2020 Map
● Address Finder
● Route Finder
● Free GPS Earth Navigation
● Find Current Location
● Share Live Location
● Ride Booking
● Live Earth Cameras
● Top Tourist Destinations 2020
● Nearby Places
● 3D Satellite Maps
● Weather Maps, updated Subway Maps
● World Atlas - Country Code
● Real-Time Traffic Updates & Live Traffic Alerts
● Speedometer
● Live Street Navigation of world wonders
● Live Weather Details
● Live Street View
● Travel Tools - Compass | Text detector | Translator | Sound meter | Qr Scanner | Torch

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