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We are introducing our Magically Bit Master app to make bitwise videos for everyone. It will provide you best editing skill for making a video. MBeat Master app is very handy to use and all language option are there so you can make video for your own native language.
💎 Magically Bit Master provides you to make trendy videos for your all social media platform. Magically Bit Master: MV Video Maker is best app to make lyrical video song with your photo and video. You can make 30 sec video status in 1 minute and best quality also maintain. MV Maker has large lyrical video song library with sharing a video status , you can select your favorite video and create one romantic song in 1 minute. People love to make lyrical video and share that video on social media.

💎You can make lyrical videos using Magically Master.

What’s new inside this Magically Bit Maker?

💎Quicker Than Any Other App: few second on magically app you can make trendy videos of yours.
💎Size: video size very small so you can download it very quickly and saved your memory on phone.
💎Trending Video: you will find latest movies song and latest videos here.So you can put a trending video on your social media profile.
💎Add Photo From Gallery: You can add your photos from gallery on video templates what we made for you guys.
💎Share: Share short video status template or your edited video on popular social networks.
💎Fast Download: small size and best quality.
💎Something New Every day: We’re updating our platform daily; you will get a perfect dose of latest video status to share with your friends.
💎There are too many language options: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri,Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Assamese and Maithili.
💎There are too many categories of emotions: Love, Unplugged, Attitude, Birthday, Cool, Dialogue, Funny, Greetings, Lyrical, Magical, Rock,Remix, Sad, Festival and Dance.

How to make videos:
💎Select photos from gallery in video template.
💎Write down a name on videos.
💎And click on export video.
💎You can select effect from effect list.
💎Within 1 minute your video will be rendered.
💎Share it to any other social media platform.
If you like Magically Bit Master rate us five star and feedback us for improvements.

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