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Let us help you to bet NOW on sports betting! Use our FREE help before you make sport match bets, including online bets. We compile the best bet news to guide you to bet online or with your bookie/ bookmaker. You can bet on it that we provide the best service on mobile apps because we do this job not to make money but to help you win! Have you ever thought “which teams should I bet on with my bookie/ bookmaker?” You need reliable tips and guides so you can win when you place sport bets now!

We take great care to give you best online bets advice. We use lengthy analysis process including up to date bet news to give you the best guides. Our analysis team consists of 8 people under the leadership of Selim Tekin and Jennifer Glass. We bet on it that you can’t find another online bet tips service with such dedicated teams. However, please note that even the best guide cannot guarantee success 100% of the time. There’s always X factors that goes into it. To minimize the risk of losing, you can visit the "Tactics" page within the application. With our help, you can win most bets you place with my bookie/ bookmaker.

=== Best Features of Sports Betting Tips for Online Bets: ===

• Football Odds and Basketball Match Bets Tips.
We share Football odds, soccer bets, and basketball match bet tips in our application.

• Minimalist & user friendly Interface
We design our app to give you the best user experience.

• Paid and Free Services
Our services are designed according to your preferences. If you prefer high-odds tips, you can earn more by purchasing any of our paid services.

• High ODDS
If you need help on high odds bets. you are in the right place. Our analysis team offers you the best possibility at the highest odds and bet on it now!

• 100% Analysis
All paid / free tips we share are 100% analyzed by our team using bets news, up to date information, statistic, etc.

• 24/7 Support
Our support team is always at your service! You can request assistance by contacting our support team at any time.

• Fast Communication
It's easy to contact our support team. You can contact our support team quickly by providing the necessary information from the "Contact" page within the application.

Countries that we support: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Finland, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Chezch Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Morocco, Phillipiness, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, Azerbaijan Republic, USA, Netherlands, Norway, Taiwan, South Korea and Turkey and more.

You can find everything you want to know about Magical Tips on our website. Multi-language option is available on our website. Thank you for choosing us to help you place bet online! Share our app to our friends who also like to place sports bet online!

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