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Your diagnosis, prescription or medical advice in minutes.

Maple is the leading Canadian healthcare app for fast, convenient 24/7 access to Canadian licensed doctors. Chat with a physician with just a tap of a button! We'll immediately connect you to a doctor via live chat or video on our secure platform. You can receive a diagnosis, prescription, sick note, or medical advice in minutes. Simply download the app, sign in and click on “See the doctor now”.

Using Maple is easy! Here's how it works:

1. Open the app and click on the "See the doctor now" button
2. You’ll be quickly matched with a Canadian licensed doctor
3. Enter your symptoms or a description of your request
4. Payment is required if you don’t have employer/insurer coverage
5. The doctor will review your request and respond to you in minutes

Full medical consultations including diagnosis and prescriptions are available for residents of, or visitors to, all Canadian provinces.

- You'll receive prescriptions or sick notes digitally
- Prescriptions are automatically sent to a pharmacy or you can choose free delivery
- Your health data is always private and secure
- Only you and your doctor have access to your Maple consultations

Our doctors can help with a variety of medical issues including, but not limited to:

- Cough/cold/flu
- Urinary tract infections
- Sexual health — e.g. STD advice/treatment
- Erectile dysfunction
- General prescription renewals
- Eye infections/strep throat/sinus infections
- Stomach flu
- Mental health — depression/anxiety
- Birth control prescriptions
- Sick notes for work

All Maple doctors are Canadian licensed and practice family or emergency medicine in Canada. Each physician is passionate about delivering outstanding healthcare, and serving our communities in new and innovative ways so that you can get better, faster!

It doesn’t stop there — with Maple, you have access to specialists and other healthcare providers at your fingertips. You can chat with dermatologists, mental health experts, endocrinologists, sleep therapists, naturopathic doctors, and many others. Simply sign in and request the type of provider you’d like to connect with. Why wait any longer?

Don’t forget to rate your experience and provide feedback — this way we'll keep improving our services for you!

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