Carl Super Jet: Airplane Rescue Flying Game

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Is it a bird ? No, it is Carl Super Jet! Perfect for kids aged 2 to 5, fly around the world and help rescue Carl's friends in this flying adventure game full of fun surprises, beautiful sceneries and packed with mini games!

Pack your suitcase and get ready for take off! Watch Carl transform into a turbo jet plane, a stealthy air glider, a beautiful montgolfier, an agile helicopter or even a spaceship or a UFO! As you visit the lands and skies of Car City and help its inhabitants onboard your super powered aircraft, don't forget to learn to cook local recipes and send a few postcards to your parents!

Carl the Super Jet is part of Carl the Super Truck Collection of games, created to help the social and emotional growth of kids aged 2 to 5. Our gameplay and narratives revolve around helping others and characters that inspire positive values.

- Tons of rescue missions to help others
- 6 Different aircraft to explore the world
- 4 Travel-themed mini-games in a magic suitcase
- 4 landscapes to discover
- Packed with fun animations and hidden treasures

To the parents: we want to make sure once your child enters the app, it is only to encounter fun & happiness. Accordingly, we require a parental code for any in-app purchase or external link. You can also purchase the app’s full version to access all the games and exclude any in-app purchase redirection.

Mini Mango is a French app developing company devoted to create fun and interactive games specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers. We encourage kindness, autonomous exploration and experimentation. We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact us, follow us on Facebook at @MiniMangoApps or leave us a review - if you feel like it :)

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