Born To Drive

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How to play?

Simply press gas pedal and drive. Use arrows left - right, to choose direction and brake pedal in case you need to stop or slow down.
Try to overtake vehicles in front of you, but be very careful cause vehicles are coming from the opposite direction too. You have to arrive to gas station before you run out of gas and ofc you must not crush into other vehicle.

From the start there is range of cars and colors to choose from. While driving you can change your car, just press pause button, then arrow left or right and choose from different cars. Arrows above with paint can between them give you possibility to choose from 14 colours for your car. We hope you will find combination that is just right for you. Have on your mind that pick up car is slower than sports car. You can as well choose jeep or van.

From other direction people are driving too, so adjust your speed, navigate carefully, use gas pedal and brake pedal. Just to warn you - you can expect other vehicles from the opposite direction: cars, trucks, busses, taxis, police cars, vans, fire trucks, cisterns,... Navigation and perfect timing are important, with a bit of luck and plenty skill.

Drivers will use the horn in some situations, for example the ones in same line behind you will use the horn to warn you of the vehicle's approach or presence.

You have to cope with traffic, avoid other vehicles and manage to come to the gas station before you run out of fuel.

Drive and navigate carefully, go through power up balloon, it will provide you carefree fast drive and you will crush all vehicles on your way for limited time. While you have your precious power up, balloon around you will be big and sparkle stars and while passing getting smaller and turn to red, then be careful again and ready to avoid other vehicles.
Travel through different areas: snow, forest, desert.

Game features:

★ Multiple cars and car paints
★ Different camera angles
★ Drive through different zones: Forest, Desert and Snow
★ Two-way traffic
★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics
★ Endless driving
★ Touch controls
★ Circle Power-up for car crashing
★ Fuel refilling

Have fun and enjoy!

born to born 和製 paintcan すぎナビ snow cones

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