Idle Stickman Miner - Mine Digging Clicker Game

パブリッシャー: Mobile Snap
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Dig out coins and begin the fun! As one of the most popular miner games, this miner simulator features three different mining levels. Choose your favorite mine from Gold, Diamond or Ruby mine and dig out as much treasure as you can to clear the levels. Play as a team of three mine workers to dig out, transport and collect the treasure in the game. Try it now!

Gold Mine Simulator

Enjoy new power boosters like game managers to increase the performance of all the miner team members. View your remaining life and coin status right from the app screen. Reach the daily score goal and unlock new game boosters every now and then.
Features of Idle Stickman Miner – Mine Digging Clicker Game

• Simple and easy idle miner game UI/UX
• Minimal miner games layout featuring smooth and responsive controls
• Become a miner tycoon by collecting as many coins as you can
• Assign game managers to boost performance for specific duration
• Work as a team of 3 idle miners and control the overall treasure extraction
• Dig as much as you want in three different mines – Gold, Ruby and Diamond mines
• Appealing miner tycoon characters and stunning sound effects
• View coin status, life status and booster time status from screen
• Choose game boosters and spend coins to enhance the fun
• Upgrade the manager level from the pop up window

Are you ready to unlock the fun of an exciting idle miner game? If yes, this miner simulator is all you need to have fun. Download and play Idle Stickman Miner – Mine Digging Clicker Game today!

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