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Hair Stylist Fashion Salon 2: Girls Makeup Dressup

パブリッシャー: Salon™
価格: トップ無料 アプリ内課金あり


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Have you been dreaming of becoming a famous hair stylist? Now's your chance!

Take these pretty girls into your hip salon and create brand new looks for them. Enjoy tons of professional tools like blow dryers, scissors, curling irons, amazing hair growing spray and so much more! Use your imagination to color these pretty girls’ hair in a variety of cool colors. Long or short?! Curly or straight?! Purple or Pink?! It’s all up to you! You can even pick a nice outfit to step up the whole look! Now let's take a picture and show off your design!

> Choose from 3 pretty girls at the hair salon.
> Create stunning hair designs - design their hair as they like!
> Challenge your styling skills with 18 tasks.
> Cut and style hair with professional scissors.
> Curl hair with special curling iron.
> Regrow hair with hair amazing growing spray.
> Straighten their hair with cool mist straightener.
> Mix and match colors to create awesome designs.
> Glam them up with the most stunning outfits.
> Take a picture to show off your design!

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