Endless Adventure - A Roguelike Full Party RPG

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An epic rogue-like adventure featuring random quests, dungeons generated on the fly with turn-based strategic combat and parties of up to four adventurers, Endless Adventure is the role-playing game with an endless amount of replayability. Each quest is different, and with so many class combinations, it could take forever to discover everything about this roguelike RPG.

PLAY YOUR WAY: The multi-classing system adds to the replayability by allowing you to choose from 2 to 6 classes from over two dozen different choices that range from ordinary warriors, holy clerics, nature-loving druids, lightning-wielding storm mages and zombie-summoning necromancers.

STRATEGIC TURN-BASED COMBAT: Use tactics to surround an enemy to gain attack bonuses, stay near your comrades to boost your defense, and be aware of staying in one place too long else you might attract attention. The tactical combat system is designed to make you think before you seperate.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO RUN: In true roguelike fashion, death is permanent, but only if your friends can't bandage you in time. Not every adventure will work out, so don't be afraid to run back to the entrance.

FAILURE HAS CONSEQUENCES: Not every quest will wait for your second, third or fourth attempt. Some grow harder, some are solved by other heroes, and some have direct consequences for failure.

LEVELS AND ITEMS AND ABILITIES OH MY! Adventure through twenty levels of multi-classing fun with hundreds of items and fun abilities like dual-wielding, ranged combat, devastating spells, summoned allies and terrain-modifying rituals like flaming walls and freezing mists.

ADVENTURE YOUR WAY: This roguelike adventure is all about personal choice from how you build your character to which quests you choose to run. Each city gets harder, and there's no going back to a previous city, so choose wisely when to move on and consider each quest before taking it on.

ROGUELIKE BY DESIGN: The roots of the game are in rogue-like games such as Rogue, Moria and Omega with randomly created areas and permadeath anchoring a robust role-playing game. While Moria expanded on Rogue, and Omega took the adventure outside, Endless Adventure takes the roguelike magic and aims it at quests.

THE TABLETOP WITHOUT THE TABLE: Endless Adventure is designed to feel like old tabletop pen-and-paper games with limited healing translating to a strategic element in getting through a mission. You can't just rest at any time, so you must squeeze out every bit of tactics from battle to ensure you can make it through.

SPLIT YOUR PARTY. One great aspect of a party-based rogue-like game is the ability to split the party into two groups to explore. This goes hand-in-hand with some of the timed quests that don't give you forever to solve them.

DO IT OVER AGAIN! Break the maximum level with the generation system. This allows you to start over with a character and gain an extra maximum level.

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