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K53 South Africa will help you prepare for your driver's license or learner's test and pass it, the first time. Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed.

It has a full learning section that will help you learn and understand rules of the road for each vehicle type (motorcycle, car and truck). Get excess to over 700 plus road signs, learn their names, purpose and where to find them. Learn controls for each vehicle type (motorcycle, car and truck) at a touch of a button.

With K53 South Africa you also get driving/riding modules that will help you to accurately execute actions like pre-trip inspection, parallel parking, speed management , allay docking, left turn and etc.

Keep record of your progress; see which sections need improvement with your last test results.

The new and improved K53 South Africa app has the following:

Learners License Section
1. Test Section:
• K53 Test questions
• Book Test questions
• Signs only Test
• Rules of the road only Test
• Controls only Test

2. Learning section:
• Learn different type of road signs
• Learn rules of the road
• Learn Controls

3. Progress Section
• Look at your progress of your last test
• Look at your ranking and much more...

Driver’s License Section
1. Driver’s license modules for
• Motorcycle
• Light motor vehicle
• Heavy motor vehicle

So what are you waiting for, this is the easiest way to test yourself before the big learner's test. GOOD LUCK
Proudly South African

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