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This newly updated, popular and informative Kruger Park map app and offline guide is a must for those planning to visit the Kruger on safari into the wild.

• Offline Maps of the Kruger National Park that work without any signal needed
• Informational audio and video on every historical site, picnic spot, camp site, local named animals and much much more.
• Complete map of the entire Kruger National Park.
• Save your sightings on the map with your own photos.
• Beautiful Hand drawn and up to date maps of the Kruger National Park

The highly detailed maps included, explore the Kruger and its Private lodges and surrounding areas with colorful photos and videos of its wildlife, historical sites, GPS co-ordinates, places of interest, Picnic spots, Camp layouts, Birding hides and many other features to make your safari experience an exciting and memorable one.

Using Years of experience in mapping and with a love for the Kruger National park region Tourist Window has brought the Mpumalanga region to life with colorful illustrations and the most accurate maps, images and facts available to make your stay one you will never forget.

Some of the features included:

Advanced mapping techniques. A new age of cellular talking maps? This new dynamic, no data needed, concept of having a talking map on your cellular phone that can better inform you of interesting facts and features on your holiday destination, starting with the Kruger National Park.

The maps feature hundreds of markers indicating the locations of the Entrance gates, camps, Bird hides, Picnic spots, roads, dams, view sites and animal silhouettes. By tapping a marker a photo will pop up of the feature. tapping the photo causes a video clip to play accompanied by a voice explaining the feature. Its like sitting in your lounge and visiting the park.

On spotting game in the park simply depress a finger on the screen at the road where you are which then causes a list of the animal, and bird pictures to appear. Touching the selected picture cause it to automatically place itself on the road where you saw it.

Again, tapping the placed picture on the road will activate the cellular camera, where a photo of the feature can be taken which is then saved at the exact spot where the sighting happened. All your photos are stored by month and year and can be viewed on the map.

All main camp maps showing facilities are also featured.

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