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Magic Video Editor app.
Do you make a awesome magic video, super power video? ⚡ Magic Video Editor: Movie FX app is the application you are looking for with simple steps and easy for anyone ⚡

❤️ Magic Video Maker is an AI powered video builder and magic video editor that provides the tons of fictional movie level video effects. Become a superhero and realize childhood dream by taking fantastic magic videos. Imitate superheroes like Iron Man, casting your magic.

❤️ In conjunction with the magic music is awesome video maker to make magic music video with special effects. This app has magic music, power games effects, cartoon effects, action movie effects, magic video maker, magic video effect, special fx for every one and all free all time

A huge variety of free effects:
⭐ Superpower: energy ball, ninjutsu, transformation, light, magic shield, control magic and more
⭐ Magic: flying cards, flying rain, flying cars and more
⭐ Disasters: tornados, earthquakes, meteors, floods and more
⭐ Sci-Fi and Fantasy: mechs, UFOs, aliens, dragons, robots, armors and more
⭐ Weapons: missiles, rockets, drones, flamethrowers, nukes and more
⭐ Natural Power: wind, fire, thunder, lightning, water and more
⭐ Vehicles: trucks, cars, helicopters and more
⭐ Many type Super Power Fx effects and stickers (Aura, Comics, Powers, Wigs, Wings and Super Weapons)

Making a blockbuster can never be so easy. That's because we've tuned every step visually, and operationally with Magic Video Editor: Movie FX app

🌺 Create video maker with video status maker and magic video effects.
🌺 Easy to make magic music video with wonderful video templates.
🌺 Turn your images into amazing music video within seconds.
🌺 Feature Magic Effect Video Editor.
🌺 Video editor as you like with music video maker.
🌺 Easy to use and user friendly UI.
🌺 Lots of video templates and total free 100%.
🌺 Magic video, super power fx video and more will update new each day.
🌺 Share video with high quality.
🌺 Magic Video Editor: Movie FX app update new effect daily.

1. Open Magic Video Editor: Movie FX app and choose an effect you want.
2. Follow the guide to shoot your video and everything will do by app for you.
3. Save and share awesome magic video effects - Action movie fx video with your friends.

🌈 We're actively improving the effects and new effects are added regularly every week. We will improve soon and make Magic Video Editor: Movie FX app pro.

❤️ Now install Magic Video Editor: Movie FX app app and Enjoy!
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