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Read about the personal successful experience of Tech Nation Visa application in Digital Technologies, written by Andrii Seleznov, Tech Nation Visa Ambassador and holder of Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa in Digital Field.
Stay up-to-date on Exceptional Talent Visa route to move to the UK for entrepreneurship and work.


Please, read attentively the information below, for your protection and in your own interest
Talent Visa app is non-refundable due to the digital nature of this product (except technical failure on mobile application work that causes inability to launch Talent Visa app). All payments are final.
• Information in Talent Visa mobile application (including the Examples of Documents) while reviewed by the U.K. Immigration Solicitor, has to be used as a guide only. Any part of the mobile application has not been officially endorsed either Tech Nation (previously - Tech City UK) or the Home Office
• This mobile application is designed to provide information that the author believes to be accurate on the subject matter it covers, but it is sold with the understanding that the author is not offering individualized advice tailored to any specific visa application or to any individual’s particular needs, or other professional services such as legal or immigration advice. A competent professional’s services should be sought if one needs expert assistance in areas that include legal or immigration advice.

Download the Talent Visa app to:

- Get comprehensive answers to complex questions about visa applications based on individual experience of past applicants,
- Find two examples of Personal Statements - two separate pieces of writing, based on real Personal Statements from people who were Endorsed by Tech Nation in tech and business route;
- Read two examples of Letter of Recommendations - two completely different texts, based on real Letters of Recommendations given to guys, who are already endorsed;
- Obtain 30+ template phrases to use in Personal Statement and / or Letter of Recommendation to make a good foundation for visa application;
- Find examples of resume (CV), formatting of on-line educational course certificate (Coursera) and how to make extract of Employment Contract;
- Discover hidden pitfalls in answering typical questions within visa application and get suggestions how to explain a unique situation;
- Clarify how to switch from Tier 2 General Visa to Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa, what motivation and explanation to use to be trusted by Endorsement Panel at Tech Nation;
- Update understanding of Fast Track option after the changes introduced on July 5, 2018 check ability to apply under this time-saving visa route;
- Enjoy the content of the app in an easy-to-use and friendly format.

What makes Talent Visa app unique?

Talent Visa app offers unrivalled, trusted opinion with detailed coverage of most frequent issues of Tech Nation Visa applications in Digital Technologies, in-depth analysis and ideas how to answer particular questions to fill the visa application.

Talent Visa app is not just a smart guide for applicants in Tech and Business route for Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa in Digital Technologies. Readers can also enjoy a wide variety of ideas how to choose the correct option of “Exceptional Talent” or “Exceptional Promise”, improve supporting documents and write good Personal Statement. Catch up on the latest updates in the Tech Nation Visa Guidelines and thoughts how follow them via the app.

With Talent Visa app, you know you’re getting the full picture of possibilities to avoid mistakes and apply for Tech Nation Visa with the best desirable outcome. In any kind of visa application, the one thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Make sense of it all with Talent Visa app.

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