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Prowin pakistan is first digitally and gamming mobile application game show given it's users oppertunity to play with our mobiles and win instant prizes by just answering daily and weekly some interesting questions,guessing simple numeric codes by using prowin pakistan application and riddles


Prowin pakistan is an active web game show that gives a fresh , lovely and energatic start to our evening your very own show whick invites not just well known but also a common person the viewers will experience continous evolution through out the season the show will not just provide entertainment as well as education vocabullary test new discoveries and technology by using of simple application downloads.

Time and date:-

Pakistan's first dgital game show prowin pakistan is with host faisal uddin live on every friday night at 10 pm to 11 pm only on metro 1 news pakistan.

Winners announcement:-

We announce the winners during the live show so be patients.

Prizes system :-

We send cash prizes with in 3 weeks from our partners easy paisa or jazzcash or directly by bank transfer & cnic.

We send big prizes like smart phones , bikes , power banks , home appliances etc with in a month from tcs and from daraz express delivery.

Taxes are apply


1) Use 3g and 4g internet and wifi must.

2) Download appliction must.

3) Use android phone or smart phone

4) Register your true information

5) Don't answer the questions repeatly

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1v3 jepordy

ASO (アプリストア最適化)

適切なキーワードを設定することで、アプリはユーザーの目に留まりやすくなり、ダウンロード数・売上の向上に繋がります。App Annieは、数百万のキーワードをトラッキングしています。この機能を活用いただくことで、アプリのダウンロード数を伸ばしたり、競合のアプリがどのようなキーワードに強いのかを知ることが可能です。


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