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"Amusement parks and theme parks simulators"
The best simulators of attractions with graphics, passengers and more realistic animations with different cameras are waiting for you... Techno jump! The most amazing attraction simulator, an amazing fair of Amusement park.

If you are a lover of amusement parks and 3D games you will love our ride simulators in different perspectives, enjoy a simulation with Techno jump or other simulators like roller coasters, amusement parks, theme parks, kamikaze, wild mouse roller coaster, Tokaido roller coaster, Ferris wheel and much more!

You can know what it feels like to handle your own attraction for yourself as if it were your own business, being able to control every engine and every effect of the attraction. It isn't an amusement park tycoon but you could control the Techno jump ride as you are working in an amazing amusement park.

The best carnival-rides. Said by fair people!

If you and your family love the thrill rides and ride simulators, you have to try our carnival game in the best amusement park. We have a lot of thrill rides in differents family park, action park, and adventure park... a luna park for all the family! Enjoy the best thrill ride: Techno jump, because Techno jump is a kind of ride to the fun of play, but if you love other kinds of fairgrounds like roller coasters you can check our Wild Mouse Roller Coaster or our Tokaido Roller Coaster, or maybe you prefer our Frog! Techno Jump, or Viking ship, Ferris wheel...


- Amusement park simulator (Techno jump)
- Realistic animations and physics.
- Controls for each part of the attraction.
- Control of lights and effects.
- Day and night.
- High-quality sound and effects.
- 8 Cameras to choose from.
- Simple and clear interface.
- Great optimization.

Enjoy one of the best amusement park games, a carnival game for people who love carnival-rides and thrill rides. Fun park for all the family to enjoy the bests adventure park and carnival rides. We have a lot of ferries in our account of Best ride simulators funfair Amusement park: Techno jump, hammer, roller coasters, amusement parks, the best thrill rides of the best amusement parks a lot of kinds of theme park : action park, thrill rides, amusement parks for all the family, fun park, luna park, carnival game, adventure park and action park.

If you like amusement park games you would enjoy it!
You would find simulators of all kinds (They are not a free simulator and they are not free simulators games)

Enjoy with the best "Thrill rides" with "Best ride simulators" and discover an amazing new world with the best amusement parks games.

If you want to enjoy Ferris and carnival games, follow the best thrill rides. A kind of attraction magazine for you, with gondola, funfair, carnies, carnival-rides, komikaze, Martillo or hammer, the best thrill rides!

We make simulators of all kinds of attractions such as galleon or Viking ship, mechanical gondola, jumping frog, ferries, and cavalcades, attractions with gigantic sizes, ride simulators of all kinds for funfair ... and soon Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and many more attractions. fair And of course we will include passengers!

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