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Local spoken Dialects (Amiah, Slang), formal Arabic (Fusha), letters for non-native speakers.Practice vocabulary and grammar.

Learning formal and spoken Arabic. Non-natives struggle with finding reliable, comprehensible, measurable and personalized sources for Arabic language learning. After intensive research, Kaleela was created in accordance to the individual needs and gaps reported by students while trying to learn Arabic. It takes into account that the Formal Modern Standard Arabic in used professional however the Spoken and used Arabic language in everyday life is different and there are rarely available resources for that.

Courses are tailored for speakers of English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Turkish language.

Skilled that are taught are reading, writing, listening and conversation in addition to local culture and grammar.
Courses include: Modern Standard Arabic (commonly known as Fusha), Dialectal Arabic (Ammiyah) including local dialects of Egyptian and Jordanian/ Palestinian , Arabic letters including shapes, short and long vowels, in addition to numbers in Arabic.

Fusha is the language of official correspondence, discourse, the media and contemporary literature. However, spoken Arabic (Ammiyah) is a whole another story! Ammiyah refers to national and regional dialects that occupy popular culture media; including movies, music, and personal communication. This is the reason why we paired up with creative and passionate Arab linguists and compiled lessons for the following dialects: Syrian, Palestinian-Jordanian, Lebanese, Egyptian and so on.


Researchers agree that the old fashioned language learning no longer works; it can be boring, time consuming and lacking in resources. Kaleela teaches the useful vocabulary and grammar schemes of Fusha or Ammiyah through comprehensive lessons paired with illustrations and clear audio.


Tailored for a non-native Arabic speakers:
The way an Arab and a foreigner learn Arabic is different. The lessons and practices are adapted accordingly.
Accent and pronunciation training:
Speech recognition exercises, learn to speak Arabic fluently.
Quality resource for dialectal Arabic (Ammiyah):
There aren’t many resources for Ammiyah and now you have a handful to choose from.
Ideal for both beginners and advanced learners:
Regardless if a student is a beginner or intermediate learner, they will have the ability to select the starting level. Complexion is built upon advancing through the lessons.
Developed based on the 4 pillars of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing, Kaleela has them all!
Wide range of topics:

Variety of topics (Arabic words and phrases related to social interactions, environment, transportation, business, greetings and phrases etc.), rich in usable vocabulary recommended by the team’s language experts. The guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages were followed to ensure international standards.

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