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***** Review by Pavel557755 (April 2, 2012, US Android Market)
Great learning tool! I downloaded this app and was amazed at the quality of the played videos available. Excellent learning tool for anyone learning ECHO or cardiac anomalies! I had no problem loading and viewing its content on my device.

***** Review by Jeffrey (August 5, 2011, US Android Market - Lite version)
First Class Compendium. Outstanding, extensive collection of images. Enlightening even with 25+ years echo experience. Essential tool for trainees, board review and reference.

CARDIO3® Comprehensive Atlas of Echocardiography (ISBN 80-969114-8-1) - reference/learning tool for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, internists, other physicians, and sonographers evaluating echocardiograms for ultrasound diagnosis.

IMPORTANT: If you see any bug please DON'T RATE BAD but send us an email! We'll fix it ASAP!
*** We currently support video for VGA (640x480), WVGA (800x480) and higher resolution displays.

NOTE: The app requires Internet connection, however almost each video loop is less than 2 seconds short therefore easy to download and view even over a slower connection.

Edited by Roman Kerekes, MD, Cardiac Center, Podlesi Hospital a.s., Trinec, Czech Republic

Contributors : Terry D Bauch M.D., FACC Associate, Cardiology Service, Geisinger Health System, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Jaroslav Januska M.D.
Libor Sknouril M.D., Hospital Podlesi a.s., Cardiac Centre, Trinec

Petr Tousek M.D., 3rd Internal and Cardio-angiology Department, University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Prague

Dan Marek M.D., Ph.D., Department of Internal Medicine I, University Hospital in Olomouc

Vit Reznicek M.D., Invasive Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine III, General Teaching Hospital, 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University Prague

Miroslav Brtko, M.D., Cardiac Center, Cardiac Surgery Department, Charles’ University and Faculty Hospital, Hradec Kralove

Lothar Faber, M.D., Cardiovascular Ultrasound Laboratory, Dept of Cardiology, Heart Center NRW, University Clinic of the Ruhr-University, Bochum, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

Martin Penicka, M.D., Ph.D., 3rd Internal and Cardio-angiology
Department, University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady

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