Number Sequence 1-to-25 Number Puzzle

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Number Sequence is a logic number puzzle game known as many different names, such as 1-to-25, Route Number or Number Path.

You start with an empty board and have 25 numbers to place in 25 squares. But you have to follow 2 rules to put each number on the board:
• The number you're placing (eg "7") must be adjacent to the previous one ("6")
• And it must be placed on a certain highlighted row or column

Easy boards are small (4x4), have up to 16 numbers, and can easily be solved in under a minute.
Harder borders are much bigger, with 64 or more numbers to place, and could take hours to solve!

Use the pencil to sketch the possible locations of the numbers and then eliminate those possibilities using the next and previous number possible locations. After you narrow down to only 1 possible location for that number, place it permanently using the pencil.

Number Sequence is a number puzzle game from the makers of the puzzle hits Einstein's Riddle and Real Jigsaw.

Hope you have fun! Feel free to contact us with suggestions or bugs:

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