Escape game - Escape Rooms

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□■Our escape games exceeded 12 million downloads!■□
Let's escape from the room by solving the mystery.
Easy to operate and good graphics. If you can not solve the mystery, you can review the hints so even beginners can play with a confidence.
It is an application of escape game "update type". New game escape game will be added from time to time!

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[Function introduction]
· Push notification function
We will let you know the new information of escape game by push notification.
Please check the settings if you do not need it.

· Cache automatic deletion function
Unnecessary image data is deleted after playing. (The deleted image data is re-downloadable, it will be downloaded automatically when replay.)
If you have a wifi, we recommend turning it "ON".
If you do not have a wifi and you have enough free space for storage, we recommend turning it "OFF".

· Pre play function
By using coins, you can play new escape games before release!

· Review function
A review is attached to each stage.
If you do not mind, please rate the stage you have played.
We will reflect it in the future work!

If you uninstall this app, you lose all the coins you have. Please be careful.

[Escape game-Method of operation]
- There is an auto-save feature.
· Let's examine the place to be wondered on the screen by tap.
· You can magnify items by double tapping items.
· You may be able to use other items for enlarged items.
You can move around by clicking the arrow below or a specific location at the bottom of the screen.
And acquisition item can be selected in the tap.
Items in the selected state, can be used by tapping a particular location.
• When solving packed mystery, you can get a hint by watching the video ad.
· There is an extra mini game after escape of this story.

● Recommended for this person
Recommended for those who like cute characters, those who like escape games.
Since there is a hint function, it is recommended for beginners as well.

*If you uninstall this app, you lose coins you have. Please be careful.

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