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In the new version of chosen you can search & download videos of interest. Search and follow interesting users with new search features.

All popular social platforms you known have aggregated in Chosen! Search your favorite social media users in Chosen, watch and download their videos directly from Chosen. Don't need to waste your phone storage on downloading those apps while saving your time on switching between frequntly used social media apps.
Chosen provides videos inspiring you for many occasions:
1.Sharing joy:Watch fresh and interesting videos and enjoy with friends
2.Friendzoned: Keeps posts relating to love, movie clips about 30 seconds.
3.Connect with lovers: Posting pictures in favor of his or her.
4.Knowledge: Videos related to knowledge.
5.Wishes: Send congratulations or birthday celebration to family and friends.
6.Singles: Express your feelings anytime, anywhere
7.Attitude: Share videos that identifie or represent your point of attitude.

Don't hesitate to download us and have a happier life ever after. Notice: Spread a word by clicking 'share' on our app, your friends and family will be glad to watch awesome videos in Chosen. And, you could earn cash by sharing our app everyday!

If you want to watch more wonderful videos on us, rate us on Google Play and tell us you like it! We looking forward to provide you best contents and application🤗.

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