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Your confirmed marketplace for everything/jobs/houses/cars.

Get99 is the most trusted online classified platform and the largest markerplace for house renting, job seeking, buying and selling used cars, etc.

You can buy and sell anything online with Get99 including phones, fashion clothing, shoes, electronics and more.

★ Rent / Sell House on Get99:
Houses for renting/selling in Lagos and Nigeria on Get99.
★ Buy / Sell Cars on Get99:
New and second-hand cars for buy/sell on Get99. From Toyota to Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and more.
★ Post / Find Jobs on Get99:
Post jobs on Get99, go through our pool of job seekers to find applicants.
Find jobs on Get99, create job profile free. Latest jobs in Nigeria.
★ Buy / Sell Phones on Get99:
Buy and sell smartphones, feature phones and all kinds of mobile on Get99.
★ Buy / Sell Clothes on Get99 :
Buy and sell affordable and fashion clothes on Get99.
More: buy perfume, cosmetics, laptops, earphones, furniture and everthing you need on Get99.

Why you should download Get99:
★ Download Get99, seeking job, renting house, buy and sell everything.
★ In Get99, our sellers and released information are confirmed.
★ Easy to use. Download for free and registrate quickly.
★In Get99, you can search anything you want and sell everything very quickly.
★ Get99 is a guaranteed platform for both buyers and sellers.

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