Dollar Admiral Ultimate Penny Item Shopping App

パブリッシャー: Jeremy Roberts
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Dollar Admiral is the MUST have app if you want to penny shop at Dollar General. Discover thousands items that sell for a penny at Dollar General, fast and simple. Each week Dollar General releases a penny list of items that are supposed to be pulled from the shelf, they have been doing this for years, however most workers simply do not have the time to remove these items. Anything in DG can be a penny! Electronics, Clothes, Food and more!

Dollar Admiral makes penny shopping easy without the confusion. With this simple to use app you simply open the app and start scanning.

Have the complete edge over your fellow penny item shoppers. This app is 900% faster than using the DG Go to check prices.

Dollar Admiral is in constant scanning mode, meaning you do not have to push any buttons, heck you do not even have to look at the screen when you are scanning for penny items.

When a penny item is found a notification chime is played to alert you that you have found a penny item! When item scanned is not a penny the phone/table vibrates. You can now scan an entire isle in minutes instead of hours!

To discover more about Dollar Admiral, learn tips and tricks on how to penny shop at Dollar General, and to get the latest weekly penny list visit our website

Feel free to contact me day or night via the "Support" link on the website and I will help you with any questions you may have.


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