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QR Scanner Free For Android App in English is used to scan QR codes and also generate QR codes with our generator. Our application also has a history of generated or scanned codes, this way you will not have to scan a previous code again.

We have added the barcode reader functionality as well, i.e. when you scan any code we will identify if it is QR or barcode. This is important because sometimes we don't know what type it is, and we quickly identify it.

We also have a short tutorial in which we explain how to scan a QR code. In the same tutorial we will explain so you can scan barcodes in English for free.

We have designed this application with a very intuitive interface, the idea is that you can use it in a simple way, first you will find some brief tutorials that will explain how the application works, although if you already know how to use it, you can skip them and go directly to the functionality.

A scanner for Android in English is the same as a QR and barcode reader. In the scanner we can scan image addresses, points on the map, phone numbers to send SMS, URL with an internet address, a contact or a text. Our generator for Android can also generate:
- Wifi key scanner or QR generator.
- Book scanner.
- Link reader.
- SMS QR Code.
- Location scanner.

For example, imagine that you need to scan a wifi key with our reader, it is possible to do it, immediately scan it, copy it with the bottom button and you can already use it. Also when you scan a phone number, you can directly send an SMS with the button below. We have prepared ourselves well so that depending on the type of thing you scan, we give you different lower buttons that are usable. For this reason we can say that we have focused more on usability than on design, as we want the application to become one of the best free English QR code scanner apps.

We will also explain in another tutorial how to generate a QR code with total simplicity for Android for free. We have worked hard on this app and will try to improve it every day so that it becomes a world standard.

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ASO (アプリストア最適化)

適切なキーワードを設定することで、アプリはユーザーの目に留まりやすくなり、ダウンロード数・売上の向上に繋がります。App Annieは、数百万のキーワードをトラッキングしています。この機能を活用いただくことで、アプリのダウンロード数を伸ばしたり、競合のアプリがどのようなキーワードに強いのかを知ることが可能です。


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