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Sugar video is a 1-to-1 video social live broadcast platform. I want to watch interesting, funny and happy live shows here!

Live video, chat is more real, I am waiting for you in sugar video.

💡 Main features:
👉Click to quickly start a video chat with friends
Enjoy live video chat, quickly chat with one click and create a free chat line! Online video chat with friends or strangers has never been easier with Sugar Video.
👉Click to quickly start a voice chat with your friends
Enjoy real-time voice chat, quickly chat with just one click, and create a free chat line! Online video chat with friends or strangers has never been easier with Sugar Video.
👉Free to start live chat without a VPN
Are you still worried that VPN will prevent you from having a good live video chat with awesome people? Join now! This is definitely the best chat app for you! You can talk to strangers anytime, anywhere without having to use an illegal VPN tool. From then on, your life will be enriched by interesting live video chats, as you won't be blocked by VPNs.
👉 Keep your chat history and keep in touch
Don't be afraid to lose the unforgettable moment of friendship between you and your friends. Sugar Video will keep your text chat history for you.
👉 Meet more new friends
Friends here come from all over the world. You can show your thoughts to others, learn from others, and enjoy different social ways.
👉Share your life
You can post your own dynamics, showcase your life, talents, etc., and share to make the world a better place.

As one of the best video chat applications, Sugar Video not only creates opportunities for people to show their thoughts, learn from others, and video chat with men and women through video calls, voice calls and more. People enjoy different positive social life through live chat, so they can develop a better life.

Privacy Policy:
 - In the Sugar Video app, all personal information and online chats are stored securely, and other users cannot see anything other than what you write directly on your profile.
 - Be careful when providing sensitive information, as once you are connected via the Sugar Video chat video, you are responsible for the information provided by the other party.
 - Sex, porn-related or nudity is not allowed during live chat, and users who generate it through the video chat app will be immediately banned!

contact us:
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us:

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