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Driving school theory switzerland

Learn with the official theory questions (ASA) of the road traffic office for the theory examination (Switzerland)

Always the current asa theory questions.

For Iphone and Ipad.

Car - Motorbike - Scooter (Categories: B, A1, A) / Languages: English, German, French, Italian)

Official exam questions of the road traffic offices (ASA)

All your advantages with
+ Official exam questions of the road traffic authorities (ASA).
+ These theory questions come at the theory exam - GUARANTEED! - is official licensee of the ASA
+ Always up-to-date theory questions: New theory questions will be updated immediately!
+ Learn efficiently, simply by learning the right theory questions for the theory exam.
+ The solution of the current theory questions is explained to you simply.

Learning forms, which make an individual learning possible:
+ Learning in blocks or...
+ Learning with learning cards or...
+ Learning from memorized questions or...
+ 50 random questions or...
+ Simulation of the theory test...
+ Theory area
+ Signals Learning
+ Learning old theory questions

Important note: The ASA (Association of Road Traffic Offices) reserves the right to retain up to 20% of official theory questions, i.e. not to deliver to official providers such as driving instructors24 . Therefore it makes sense to learn old questions. The Fahrlehrer24 App offers this, which increases the probability of passing the theory test.

Note on motorcycle theory / scooter theory -> Category A1, A

The motorcycle theory test or scooter theory test includes the same asa theory questions as the auto theory test. The same theory questions are asked at the theory test for car, motorcycle or scooter. The theory app of Fahrlehrer24 is therefore also to learn the motorcycle theory or the scooter theory. Ask at the road traffic office.

If you have any questions, please contact . Normally we answer within 24 hours.

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