Sponge Area 51. Neighbor Escape Alien Base Secret

パブリッシャー: TinySponge Studio
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This is a story about a guy Bob who gets into the Area 51 full of Sponge neighbor’s friends! Meet Squid, Plankton and Patrick! Explore the huge secret military base!

The game Supports 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese ,Korean, Arabic and French!

As soon as you arrived to the huge military base, you’ve seen five scary sponge friends walking there. You said them hello, and they started chasing you! You need to investigate this strange area.

Go ahead and Explore the huge military base location. Reveal all secrets of this terrible sponge gang!

Help Bob to find out what this Five friends does in the Area 51. Seek, collect and use many useful items and food that can restore your stamina and help to escape from the scary neighbor Gang!

Game Features:

• Realistic Five neighbor friends which will not let you go! You will meet almost all of them in this Area 51! Meet Squid, Sponge, Crabs, Plankton and Patrick!

• Ability to pick up and throw objects to stun your Bob’s enemies and escape from them!

• Multilingual game. 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

• Amazing environments. Explore this Scary neighbor’s military base location with hangars, bunkers and even an alien UFO plate!

• Smooth and Easy Controls! You can change the control between the joystick and the Swipe. Adjust the sensitivity as convenient for you!

• High Quality 3D Graphics! You will Enjoy how your device will show this Full of atmosphere legendary UFO location!

Help Bob to survive in this Area 51 Game with granny escape gameplay!

sponge neighbors sponges area 51 patrick patrik 51 neighbor the neighbors squids sponge bob plankton the neighbor neighbour spon calamari squid スポンジボブ プランクトン スポンジ

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