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Keep track of all the British hills you have climbed and wish to climb in the UK with Climbed-IT with this hill bagging app.

With Climbed IT you can use the following features:

* Search Hills in classifications by hillname.
* Keep track of all the hills you have climbed and see a count of the total climbed.
* An easy to navigate map showing all the different hills - View all hills by country + classification, climbed only or an individual hill.
* Backup & Restore feature to allow easy switching to a new phone.


* More Countries supported (Scottish Hills , English Hills , Welsh Hills , Irish Hills, Isle of Man Hills & The Channel Islands Hills)
* Search Hills from different countries
* Count badge of climbed and wished hills on homescreen
* Add notes to your climbed hills
* Add date climbed
* Keep track of hills you wish to climbed with a count of the total in your wishlist.
* View all wished hills in maps
* Share your achievement of a climbed hill with a certificate generated.

Browse and search hills from Munros , Corbetts , Marilyns , Hewitts and much more classifications available.

Finally I would like to extend my gratitude to Graham Jackson and Chris Crocker (founders of the DoBIH) and also the rest of the team DoBIH team for making this data possible

The hills data for the UK and Ireland has been obtained from The Database of British and Irish Hills (DoBIH) v16.2 - ,
Licensed under the Creative Commons Licence -

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