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The uLesson app is the first of its kind in Africa. The app offers comprehensive learning programs in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for students in senior secondary school, preparing them for critical regional exams: WASSCE, SSCE, GCE, UTME, which are set by WAEC, JAMB and NECO - as well as international tests such as the SAT and more.

Key Features
• Personalised learning experiences for learners in senior secondary school to encourage their deep & continued learning, content engagement and monitor their own path to academic excellence. The app employs an individualistic approach to learning, applying simplified teaching methods designed to amplify each student’s learning ability with quality lesson plans from the best tutors.

• The app contains many years of official WAEC past examinations along with solutions.

• Relevant content built to specifically serve African needs across the board. Engaging students in a manner that is culturally relevant, and responds to the syllabi in their respective countries. The learning content from the app is planned, executed and reviewed by subject matter experts - using videos, interactive animations, quizzes and assessments.

• The dept of content offers students in Nigeria (SS1-3), Ghana (SHS1-3), Liberia (Grade 10-12), Sierra Leone (S1-3) and Gambia (S1-3) a holistic learning experience with thousands of learning videos in selected subjects that specifically meets their needs.

• The app also provides analytics and reporting data for parents and guardians to monitor the child’s academic growth and guide them with the optimization of the learning experiences.

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