Santa Claus tracker simulator

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Christmas Eve is only around the corner and everyone looking on a Santa Claus tracker to know where is Santa Claus! So this santa tracker simulator is a Father Christmas north pole radar and papa noel tracker you keep locate Santa Claus north pole address and let you in knowledge on Father Christmas progress as he delivers gifts around the world. With this norad santa tracker simulator you can track where is Santa Claus right now and keep your eyes on Santa's north pole address on your phone and surprise your kids, friends or family members on the Christmas Eve.

It has the most efficient and accurate tracking Santa radar ever built. You can initial a complete scan to find out where Santa is at every minute. A dynamic report of Santa's current location and activity will be followed with every scan.

Santa Claus is already start delivering Christmas gifts around the world! This Father Christmas norad tracker let you turn your phone to Santa Claus tracker and start tracking Santa Claus on the radar and keep knowing where is Santa Claus with his north pole address.By using this Santa Claus norad radar and Father Christmas Tracker you can make your phone a Santa tracking device or Santa Claus locator and norad tracker and locate Santa Claus north pole address start tracking Santa Claus on Christmas eve to know where is Santa Claus now. This is one of the best Santa Claus Tracker and Father Christmas north pole radar supports all devices and it's is a 100% working Christmas Norad Santa Claus tracker and Santa radar to help you keep watching Santa Claus in the north pole address to know where is Santa Claus while he moves in the North Pole.

If you love to play jokes with your kids or family members and you need a Christmas jokes game to play this Christmas Eve! With this Father Christmas tracker and norad santa tracker you can surprise you friends and show theme how especial is your phone by showing theme where is Santa Claus now and make them believe you can track Santa Claus north pole address in your phone. And you are just using this funny papa noel tracker and santa Claus norad tracker simulator.


Millions of Santa tracking stations are set up and they will diligently report and update Santa's every move during the Christmas Eve. A complete trail of Santa's journey can be accurately traced and you won't want to miss that.

- Open the Santa Claus norad tracker simulator on your phone.
- Tab start to being the norad santa tracker
- Press and hold the Santa Claus Radar scanner to start locating where is santa now
- Allow a moment to norad santa radar to find Santa's north pole address
- Here we go the Father Christmas north pole address will be appearing on your phone.

Nothing's difficult in our norad santa tracker simulator!

norad north pole north-pole santacalus

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