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Are you looking for a great online shopping app in Africa? Do you want a powerful online marketplace app that can let you buy and sell used cars, furniture, fashion, electronics, clothes, accessories, beauty products, art, books, branded goods, vehicles and many other stuffs within a few minutes? Let's download Verkoop – Click, Buy / Scan, Sell for free. The perfect marketplace shopping app is ready for you now!

Verkoop – Click, Buy / Scan, Sell is one of the best marketplace local app, easy to use and totally free. It’s the best place to buy and sell used stuff locally. With our vast collection of products, you can buy or sell from fashion, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, phones & accessories, computers, baby products, food products, health & fitness, sports, office equipment & stationery, homeware, kitchen appliances, cellphone, books, videos & movies, music, games & toys, pet supplies, and many other products.
Also, you can apply for a loan and get pre-approval online by your bank. Buy a ticket for whatever local event on the App, conference, concert and more. Find a New Job offer from all sectors of activities. Buy a Plane Ticket or Make a reservation for your Hotel anywhere in the World. You’re going to love our marketplace app.

Verkoop – Click, Buy / Scan, Sell is different from other classifieds South Africa apps in that it combines the image recognition and augmented reality (AR) features that allow you to take the picture of the item you are looking to purchase and Verkoop will search on his database and find a similar item, and more than 30 million products available for an amazing online shopping experience!

Start a beautiful shopping journey, discover the trending products, access the latest arrivals and get the best deals, all in one app

Why you have to download and install Verkoop – Click, Buy / Scan, Sell on your android smartphone or tablet instead of other shopping and market apps?

Using our Marketplace app requires you to trust us with your sensitive information; Verkoop reassures you with the highest level of security. Your money and information are safe with us. You will never lose a dime or never have to worry about your information being leaked or shared with a third party. All transactions are protected to avoid any hack or scam.

Providing the best products at the best price is one of our primary focuses. If you are looking for the best discounts, cheap or lowest priced shopping app, you can surely use Verkoop.

Verkoop is the #1 African marketplace that offers Image recognition and augmented reality features will make your shopping much more fun and easier. With the image recognition option, you can just upload an image of a product and Verkoop will show you the product to buy. With augmented reality (AR), you’ll be able to assess products in the most realistic way and make a better decision about buying or selling anything.

We have a very efficient customer service policy in place. You can contact our customer service team anytime for any query or complaint. We don't take responsibility for any purchases you may not be satisfied with. If you are not satisfied with any of our buyer or seller products, you block or report these
individuals to avoid similar issues in the future.

Our payment system is highly secure and easy to use. We have a variety of payment options including advanced payment and cash on delivery, which is our primary means of payment. If you are unsure of the buyer or seller and want to mitigate any risks, we have an e-wallet functionality that enables electronic payments via scanning the QR code of the buyer or seller.

Verkoop – Click, Buy / Scan, Sell is a new refreshment in this popular shopping category. If you are looking for an efficient Market Place, which has the best products at the best prices, you’ll love Verkoop.


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