Meridians and acupoints

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Meridians and acupoints
Software developer Xi 'an Vesal Digital Technology co. LLC, is a professional 3D human body technology software provider in China, has a great team of 3D software technology and anatomy expert.

This software is a world-leading 3D MERIDIAN ACUPOINT APP, which is jointly created by Vesal and famous experts of Chinese traditional medicine Meridian, according to the national standard of Chinese Meridian.

It is an important tool for the study and clinical use of acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine.

Including the human body commonly used 12 meridians, Eight Extra Meridians, Extra Points acupoints 3D model display.
The Chinese and English annotations of more than 440 acupoints, positioning videos, indications, acupuncture methods, and the display of acupoint profiles.
Suitable for medical practitioners, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, teachers of traditional Chinese medicine, medical students, health workers etc.

introduction to products:
Twelve Meridians Acupuncture Points: lung merdian of hand taiyin (LU), large intestine meridian of hand yangming(LI),stomach meridian of foot yangming(ST),spleen meridian of foot taiyin/(SP),heart meridian of hand shaoyin(HT), small intestine meridian of hand taiyang(SI),bladder meridian of foot taiyang(BL), kidney meridian of foot shaoyin(KI),pericardium meridian of hand jueyin(PC), triple energizer meridian of hand shaoyang(TE), gallbladder meridian of foot shaoyang(GB),liver meridian of foot jueyin(LR).
Eight Extra Meridians,Extra Points acupoints.

Zoom in and out rotate multi-touch operation to switch acupoint position accurately.
Points and its superficial Meridians with the skin, muscles, vessels, bones and organs at the same time.
Acupoint positioning videos.
Acupuncture angle and depth of needling.
Provide basic clinical courses in TCM theory.
Both Chinese and English are supported.
It is based on The International Standard Acupuncture Points of WHO.
Refer to Chinese higher education materials of traditional Chinese medicine.
It is supervised by professors and China medical doctors from Medical University.
By domestic famous medical university expert guidance.

meridian 针灸 経絡 経穴 艾灸 中医 acupuncture 足つぼ pressure points 奇穴 黄帝内经 pathway 漢方 tcm 経 ar ツボ xian 鍼灸

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