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Sound Booster Master - Volume Booster for Android

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🔊 Thanks to this Sound Booster Master, you can easily adjust all these in a few seconds.

🔊 It is able to push the phone volume up higher than the system defaults. Making all the sounds of your device much louder.

🔊 Easily increases to maximize the volume of your device. Increase ringtone volume, notification sound, multimedia and alarm.

🔊 You can watch the wonderful visual sound spectrum at the same time you listening to songs.

🔔 Sound Booster Master - Volume Booster for Android allows you to boost the media and system volume significantly, allowing you to clearly hear when someone’s calling you or when you get a notification. What sets it apart from other apps is the fact that it uses a custom algorithm to pair with the Android system equalizer to enhance the sound significantly. There’s a common perception that boosting the volume on your smartphone can damage the device, and the developers assure its customers that this app won’t do that since it uses the system volume and its own algorithm to boost the device and media volume.

⏰ Naturally, Sound Booster Master - Volume Booster for Android works on both speaker and when you have headphones plugged in. Further, you can also boost the alarm volume of your smartphone to make sure you wake up on time for that important meeting. The UI is pretty simple to understand and there are three icons for music, ringing volume, and alarms, allowing to make the changes as you please.

🥗 Feature

♫ Increase all music media volume: including audio sound, video sound and game sound.
♫ Boost your sound file volume with one tap.
♫ Increase all system volume including ringtone volume, notification volume and alarm volume.
♫ Supports boost any audio format file.
♫ All the sound spectrums move according to the audio rhythm.
♫ Display the song title and artist; provide play/pause, next song, previous song, and other control of your music player.
♫ Support headphones, external speaker & Bluetooth.
♫ Supports import your sound file from the device, other apps
♫ Two rotary knobs to adjust the volume and boost level. 6 Sound modes let you boost your phone volume with just one tap.
♫ Supports various types (mp4, mkv, mov, avi, mp3, m4a, aac, aiff, ...).
♫ No root required.

💎 Speaker Boost has a user-friendly interface that does the job. Use this app if you want to maximize your volume for playing, watching videos, listening to music or doing a voice call. With just one touch, the volume increasing app for music will help you boost volume on phone to enjoy volume higher, more vibrant music than ever before. With this Sound Booster Master - Volume Booster for Android application, you can enhance sound and enjoy true sound more than ever. You can also immerse yourself in cool music with the most convenient sound enhancer music player. It provides a good base, so music lovers, rejoice.

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