Block Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle

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Block Hexa Jigsaw is a CREATIVE & BRAND-NEW hexa jigsaw puzzle game for you. It helps to keep your mind active and train your blocks matching skills at the same time. Base on the classic jigsaw puzzles, there are different kinds of categories and high-quality images in the game for you to explore.

You will have a great leisure time by matching pieces and creating amazing art pictures (flowers, animals, unicorn, constellation, characters, and landscapes, etc.) in your hand. All you need to do is to unlock all the art images/pictures by collecting enough "Stars". Also, you can challenge to test the limits of your brain to solve all jigsaw puzzles without using "Hints".


- Simple & Addictive Jigsaw Gameplay
- Creating Artworks with Hexa Blocks
- Unique & Stunning Animated Pictures
- Thousands of High-Quality Images
- Easy & Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzle Games
- Exciting "Challenge Mode" for You
- Save & Share Art Images at Anytime

How To Play
- Drag and match the hexa blocks onto the board
- Hexa blocks can’t be rotated
- Tap "Hint" for help when you get stuck
- Change your placement to avoid blockades
- Unlock more puzzle categories after collecting enough "Stars"
- "Save", "Like" or "Share" after completing a certain image

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If you'd like to play jigsaw puzzles or tangram(seven-piece puzzle) games with friends or families, it's a PERFECT time for you to develop your logic skills, concentration, and awareness with this GREAT brain-teasing puzzle game NOW!

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