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ランキング推移は、Google PlayアプリストアにおけるQ Alerts! QAnon Q Drops, Alerts, Research, Share +の人気の推移を表示します。各国、カテゴリ、デバイスごとに、毎日・毎時間におけるQ Alerts! QAnon Q Drops, Alerts, Research, Share +の履歴を追うことが可能です。
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Q Alerts notifies you quickly when Q Anon makes new drops. It also allows you to search, browse, share and research QAnon posts and much much more.

Q Alerts is the first and original Q Android app as well as the most downloaded and actively developed. See why the top researchers rely on Q Alerts.

Google translated posts also available in Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
منشورات جوجل المترجمة متوفرة باللغة العربية.
Articles traduits par Google disponibles en français.
Google अनुवादित पोस्ट हिंदी में उपलब्ध हैं।
Postagens traduzidas do Google disponíveis em português.
Гугл Переведенные посты доступны на русском языке.
Publicaciones traducidas de Google disponibles en español.


» Q Alerts will send a push notification to your device within a few minutes of when QAnon makes a new drop.

» New Q posts are marked as unread allowing you to easily see which drops you have yet to read.

» Swipe left or right, use the bottom navigation or use the volume rocker to view the next or previous Q Anon drop.

» Add any Q post to your list of favorites Q drops by tapping the Punisher Skull icon when viewing a post. Easily view a list of all of your saved favorites with a single tap.

» Record your analysis, notes or decodes for any drop by tapping the Notepad icon. Easily view a list of all Q posts and their notes with a single tap. You can also export your notes for safe keeping or further research elsewhere.

» Easily share any post via email, social media, clipboard, browser link and more. You can also easily generate and download an image of any post for uploading to social media, thus overcoming censorship.

» Links to the original Q drop on 8kun.net as well as menu options to view post on other popular sites. The full version also allows viewing the post on 8kun via the Tor and Loki networks (requires Tor Project and/or Loki.Network software to be installed).

» Tap an image to view full-sized.

» Links within posts are tap-able and are opened in the appropriate application.

» Long-press sections within a Q drop to copy to your clipboard. Long-press images to save the image to your device.

» Choose from 12 color schemes; Dark, Light, QMap.pub, QMap.pub Light, QAnon.pub, QAlerts.app, Pink Camo, Gab, Gab Dark, Discord & MARPAT.

» Adjustable Font size

» Icons are displayed along with each Q post, allowing you to easily identify the properties of each drop.

» You can choose to show or not show image thumbnails in the list. You can also opt to show thumbnails at full device width.

» Q Alerts can also optionally automatically save all images associated with Q drops that you view to your camera roll.

» Searchable list of acronyms/abbreviations that are often used. Not sure what +++ or RR means? Easily find the answer. Many definitions also have thumbnails. Long-press a definition to copy it to your clipboard. This list may also be shared.

» For newbies, the globe icon includes links to the original boards, other consolidated research sites as well as popular YouTube channels who do a great job at decoding Q Anon crumbs.

» Not interested in loading all posts from back to 10/28/2017? Use "Max Posts to Show". This can also greatly speed up load times.

» Offline mode and resiliency: The app will detect if you do not have an Internet connection and automatically load the most recent downloaded data, images Android has automatically cached or images you have opted to have auto-downloaded as well as a locally stored list of acronyms/abbreviations, sites and YouTube channels. The app will also automatically detect if our primary site goes down due to attack and move onto built-in pre-planned resiliency protocols.

…and many more features designed by a Patriot for Patriots. Be sure to visit “Settings” to explore them all and make your QAlerts installation your own.

* Note: Some features/options may require enabling in Settings.

Enjoy the show, WWG1WGA!

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