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Water Drink Reminder

パブリッシャー: YUNteam
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Drinking the right amount of water is good for our health. Drink Water Reminder can remind you to drink water every day, record your daily water intake and calculate drinking datas. With Drink Water Reminder, you can get enough water, keep your body healthy and meet every day with vitality.

Features of Drink Water Reminder:
Water Intake Calculator ★
Scientifically calculate the amount of water you need per day based on your gender, weight and activity.
Water Drink Reminder ★
You can set drink intervals as you want and Drink Water Reminder will send you notifications at regular intervals to remind you to drink water. When you receive a water drink reminder, please take a short break and drink some water!
Water Drink Tracker and Records ★
Drink Water Reminder helps you to easily record the amount of water you drink each time, and calculate the completion of your water drinking goals. With the drinking records, you can know your water drinking habits much better.
★ A variety of beverages to choose ★
Would you like to record other beverage drinking datas besides water? Drink Water Reminder can help you do that. Coffee, milk, soft drinks, juice, beer... there are a variety of beverages to choose from!
★ Water Drink Statistics ★
Drink Water Reminder helps you to calculate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly water drink datas and present the statistics to you in a graphical form to help you get a better understanding of your water drinking habits.
Personalized Support ★
Drink Water Reminder allows you to freely adjust your daily water drinking goals, reminder intervals, reminder sound effects, etc.

Download Drink Water Reminder and begin to develop a good water drinking habit now!

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