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Life just got easier! With the zooplus app you can order your pet products, pet food, dog accessories, cat toys and all those lovely pet treats whenever you want!

Order online, even while you’re on the go, anything you need for your furry friends! If you have pets at home, then this is the pet product app for you! zooplus offers you the best online pet shop experience from the comfort of your own home.

Need a dog bed? Rabbit hutch? Hamster cage? Some of the BEST dog treats?
Zooplus stocks just about everything you’ll need for your pet – dog beds, dog clothing, dog crates, cat food, cat scratching posts, bird cages, rabbit hutches, hamster cages, aquarium filters, and probably all the accessories for pets that you can think of! The pet product list never ends! Anything from a dog toy to a hamster cage – we’ve got you covered at our online pet shop!

Zooplus has been making pets and their owners happy since 1999.
With more than 19 years of experience and over 5 million satisfied customers in over 20
countries, we are Europe’s leading online pet shop.
If you have pets at home, you want to have zooplus!

zooplus App Features:
✔ Access our extensive pet product range (over 8000 products) on your mobile phone.
✔ NEW: We are thrilled to present the wish list feature where you can add and save any pet product you’re interested in!
✔ Loyalty Points Program - Collect loyalty points and redeem them for pet products from our Rewards Shop!
✔ Invite your friends to our online pet shop to win loyalty points for you and them!
✔ Share your favourite zooplus online pet shop products with friends and family.
✔ Intuitive search – Easy pet products search using filters and product suggestions.
✔ Our barcode scanner will help you find and purchase your favourite pet products in seconds!
✔ Handy re-order feature, we remember what you like!
✔ Use ‘My Zooplus’ to manage your orders and personal data.
✔ Join our newsletter to earn 100 loyalty points to purchase from the Rewards Shop! And read tips and updates about the best pet products, pet treats, and pet accessories for your favourite animals.
✔ Read customer product reviews and write your own to share your experience.
✔ Look at customer product photos and upload your own directly from your phone.

Please feel free to contact us at android-feedback@zooplus.com with any suggestions or
improvements, or if you want to report any errors with this app.

Many thanks
Your zooplus Team

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