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This app describes Danish conditions and recommendations regarding baby care and is developed in partnership with the Danish Health Authority.

The app is for new parents and parents-to-be and it provides answers to all the questions that parents may have about breast feeding, bottle feeding, sleep routines, crying, etc. The app contains all you need to know about your baby’s first year; it is cheaper than baby books, and it is always at hand. The app automatically adjusts to your baby’s age and development, and reminds you of vaccinations and vitamin drops.

Get a range of useful features, such as a diary of your baby’s milestones, an easy search for useful nearby locations, and soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep.

Babylex: The app has a babylex about your baby's first year:

• Breastfeeding: How to start breastfeeding. How to get more milk - or less. Help with breastfeeding problems.

• Bottle: Bottle feeding, advice on products, etc.

• Baby crying: Learn to understand your baby's first 'language'. How to soothe your baby. Help for parents with babies who suffer from colic.

• Sleep: How to help your baby to sleep. The best sleeping place. Help with sleeping problems.

• Baby care: Wash and skin care. Clothes and shoes.

• Contact and play: Your baby's development. Games and toys to improve development.

• Food: Your baby's needs. How and when to get started on solids. Foods for your baby and foods to avoid. Recipes.

• Checklists: Baby starter kit. Baby equipment. Childproofing indoors and outdoors.

• Illness: Baby illnesses, vaccinations and examinations.

All content is approved by health visitors and midwives. The content is developed in accordance with the official Danish guidelines and recommendations for health and care of babies.

Publisher: The Danish Committee for Health Education − a non-profit association that publishes health information materials.

*** Support ***
If you have questions or suggestions for improvements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at minbaby@sundapps.dk

We are not able to respond to you, if you write about problems or other support questions in the comments. So please send an e-mail instead.


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