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Now, all your letters, invoices and parcels are in one place — the OmaPosti application.

New in OmaPosti: you can pay invoices with your debit card. Also, you can now track parcels from other couriers, such as Matkahuolto, UPS, DHL and Postnord.

See where your parcel is 📦

You can automatically track your parcels and see when the item sent to you will arrive. You decide when and where you will pick up your parcel. And, when you pay for the transport of your parcel using the OmaPosti application, you will save up to EUR 5 on delivery costs.

Your mail slot is where you are 💌

Now, all your letters, invoices and parcels are in one place — the OmaPosti application. OmaPosti archives your invoices and letters for free. You can still use Netposti as well. Electronic letters are read over a secure SSL connection, and the secrecy of correspondence is not jeopardized.

Forget your invoices, not the due dates 📮

By transferring your invoices to OmaPosti, you will have one thing less to worry about. The OmaPosti application’s due date reminder ensures that you pay your invoices on time.

Invoices can be paid directly in OmaPosti. You can pay invoices with your debit card. Debit cards from all Finnish banks can be used for payments. The debit functionality is also available in debit/credit cards and Visa Electron cards. The payment will be debited from your card immediately. You can also pay invoices with the Pivo application if you are OP’s customer. Using OmaPosti and paying the invoices sent to OmaPosti is quick, safe and free of charge.

OmaPosti is used by logging in with a Posti username and password.

Posti — always within reach!

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